Study Team

Principal Investigators

Karl Bilimoria, MD, MS

Yue-Yung Hu, MD, MPH


Julie Johnson, MSPH, PhD

Gaurava Agarwal, MD

Larry Hedges, PhD


Daniela Amórtegui, MA - Project Coordinator

John Slocum, MPH - Project Coordinator

Josh Eng, PhD - Statistical Analyst

Tiannan Zhan, MS - Statistical Analyst

Research Faculty

Egide Abahuje, MD

Audrey Rosenblatt, PhD, CRNA, APRN

Heather Ballard, MD


Ryan Ellis, MD, MS

Daniel Brock Hewitt, MD, MS

Cary Jo Schlick, MD, MS

Rhami Khorfan, MD

Tarik Yuce, MD, MA

Lindsey Zhang, MD, MS

Meixi Ma, MD, MS

Matt Chia, MD

Brian Brajcich, MD

Chelsea Fischer, MD, MS

Debbie Li, MD

Rachel Joung, MD

Bona Ko, MD, MPH

Brian Nasca, MD

Andrew Hu, MD

Casey Silver, MD

Michael Visenio, MD, MPH

Eric Pillado, MD

Second Trial Committees

There are several advisory committees helping to oversee and guide the SECOND Trial:

Executive/Oversight Committee

Faculty Advisory Committee

Resident Advisory Committee

Bioethics Advisory Committee